Our Team


Peter’s focus is on growing the Rola brand and improving internal systems and processes to ensure Rola is able to provide the best service it can.Peter has always had a passion for engineering and while not on the tools much these days he enjoys model engineering as a hobbie. For relaxation he enjoys spending time boating with his family on the Hauraki Gulf and will normally get to Great Barrier Island once or twice a year. He has been a keen fisherman from the age of about 4 and in recent years has taken up gamefishing.






Geoff controls the engine room and is very systems focused. He is currently implementing KanBan material control and has a production software project underway as well. Outside of work he enjoys fishing and soccer.


Courtney is the friendly voice you get when you call Rola. She works for our customers providing them with quotes, delivery details and answering general enquiries. The recent addition of a part time administrator has enabled Courtney to dedicate more time to sales.